UrbanSoil was founded by Hemal in 2014 to spread knowledge & awareness of Growing own food in Urban vicinity. Hemal realized the potential of Urban Wet waste which when converted methodologically into Compost turns into rich Soil. This Compost Soil can be used by Urban Citizens to grown healthy & rich organic/natural food. UrbanSoil empowers citizen to convert their organic waste in healthy organic vegetable in limited Urban spaces.

UrbanSoil came up with a 2 days Organic Terrace Gardening Workshop through which Hemal teaches Urban Citizens how to convert their Food Waste in healthy Food though easy & simple methods which can be practiced from a 6 year old child to 60 year old senior citizen making age no bar for Organic Gardening. Till date more than 250 citizens of Pune & Mumbai have participated in this 2 days Workshop to learn grow their own food in spaces as small as 6 sqft to 6000 sqft.

UrbanSoil also is part of a Sustainable Urban Living Eco-system also founded by Hemal to connect, educate & empower urban citizens to live conscious, interdependent & sustainable lifestyle in cities. Now this is a 1000+ member Eco-system of Urban Eco living & connected many Sustainable Champions. Anyone who realizes to become a Sustainable Champion by enriching life through living close to nature is welcome to connect to this dynamic Eco-system.

UrbanSoil envisions an era where urban citizens would connect with Mother Earth & enrich the life of generations to come by conscious & sustainable ways of living today itself. It will keep empowering the Urban Conscious Citizens to connect & practice Organic Gardening & Composting easily through a EcoSystem of Sustainable Urban Living. After Earth, UrbanSoil will also work on other 4 elements which are very essential to live enriched lifestyle with Nature.


UrbanSoil's mission is to reach out to large populace & Urban Masses through Mother Nature's education & awareness. By 2020 it will educate 10000 Urban Citizens into ways of Growing rich, organic & healthy food for their own & become self sufficient in waste to wealth conversion.


The vision of UrbanSoil is see every home in city converting their own waste into their own food. This vision is achieved through short time courses through which Gardening & Farming would be simplified to be learned by all. It achieves this vision through Urban Sustainable Community building with like-minded citizens.