About UrbanSoil

Hemal & Janki Patel in 2011 set out on the journey to discover Organic Food &Lifestyle. They use to visit Organic/Natural farms around Pune while Hemal was working as a Software Professional. While visiting these farms they(Hemal/Janki) used to have conversations with these innovative Organic Farmers about how they can contribute to these wonderful domain & lifestyle of Organic Farming. And the farmers use to say"Become Partner with Nature. And talk about it to Urban Dwellers/Residents. That the human beings involved in Organic Farming with nature take care about the minutest details of not harming the natural law of integrated living& This is where Hemal/Janki learned about connecting with Nature through Organic Farmers &further proposing similar lifestyle to their friend circles in Pune. And so was born UrbanSoil to create awareness about soil which harbors all elements(Earth, Fire, Wind, Water & Ether) inside as one integrated living Eco-System. Thus UrbanSoil became the basis to educate through various workshop & own lifestyle which Hemal/Janki started by completing the Nature& cycle if sending the Kitchen Food Leftover to Soil & in return grow plants in soil for receiving back Organically Grown Food. UrbanSoil conducts a 2 Day Introductory session on Organic Gardening around the world beginning from Pune, Mumbai & rest of parts of Maharashtra & touring worldwide across the planet. Both Hemal/Janki believes this conscious in Universal & should be spread across the planet. Team UrbanSoil is actively involved in spreading this knowledge of growing food to next generation by connecting them at an early age of assimilating such experiences. From last 3 years they have trained many children through this activity of Organic Food Gardening & connected learning programs at an early age. The children enjoy Organic Gardening so much that every year they repeat selecting it as a
part of their daily lifestyle/learning activity.