Gardening in Backyard

Gardening in Backyards

Backyards can great place to have a Organic Garden. Apart from directly connected with soilsurface they also have convenient access to Bungalow for maintenance & constant observation.The vegetables will be sown in Raised beds made out of Roofing Tiles/Bricks/Wooden Planks tohold soil. Plants can be placed based on planning Sunlight requirement they would need. 8hours session worlshop on Organic Gardening conducted by UrbanSoil is good place tounderstand the Sunlight requirements of plants & how to design a Ideally productive & lessmaintenance Backyard. Team UrbanSoil have experience in design, development of OrganicGardens in Backyard of diverse locations in India & out of India.

Backyard when converted from Lawn Garden to Food Garden looks pleasant to eyes &productive for family converting waste food, water to edible food. Backyards around the worldare being shifted from Lawn to Edible Organic Food Gardens. Lately it has been caught to fancyof many celebrities too, to practice organic food gardening.