Gardening in Balcony

Now it is very convenient to have a neat, clean & productive garden in a balcony too. Team UrbanSoil by understanding on the balcony space have come up with diverse planting grow bags, wooden trays which make Gardening in Balcony very easy, convenient & fun to grow. UrbanSoil has developed a Nursery in Millennium School Premises where all these products are offered on Weekends along with Organically grown saplings. A compact compost bin thats make it very easy to compost kitchen waste is also available. More than 50 such balcony gardens are running & productive in many Indian Cities.

Such balcony should have at least 3-4 hours of direct sunlight. A East, South, West facing balcony is best suited for setting a organic Garden in Balcony. Balcony has the advantage of growing vegetables & herbs even during Monsoon due to roof protection on the top. Heavy rains does not affect the plant growth in covered balconies. And Every balcony is a productive Garden to grow basic requirements of kitchen like Curry leaves, Tomato, Chillies, Lemon & Leafy Vegetables.