Gardening in Farms

Gardening in Farms(Forest Garden)

The pattern of Gardening in Farms has been practiced throughout the planet in traditional times. These gardens have a mixed variety of plants grown which includes Herbs, Vegetables, Flowers, Fruits, Grains & Grasses. UrbanSoil develops & designs such Forest Gardens to achieve self sufficiency of Land Owner& make it financially viable in Long run. These Forest Gardens also serve as Natures technology to act as source of young plants, biodiversity & Integrated Pest Management.

Anyone owning an area of 10 Gutha(10,000 Sqft) to 5 Acres can easily develop these Forest Gardens in a timespan of 1-2 years. Combined with Agro Tourism, Organic Nursery, Rustic Restaurant, Education Farm anyone can increase their Land Value by developing such Forest Gardens. Want to develop such Forest Garden, do get in touch with us.