Gardening in Schools

Gardening when practiced in schools brings students & children closer to nature. Schools Gardens are great place to learn various aspects of science embedded in nature. This helps the students to apply the science within nature to sustain & thrive life. Gardening in Schools is very popular &taken as upmost priority for learning in many Western countries where the students connect to food deeply understanding the side effects of disconnection with food. The effect of GM & Pesticides has caused greater disconnection to the coming generation.

UrbanSoil is involved in guiding schools & colleges to setup landscapes organic gardens which becomes learning place for every generation to connect with Food, Soil, Air, Water, Birds, Animals, Insects & Mother Nature. One such project has been in practice at Millennium National School, Pune since last 3 years where many students have benefited out of Food Gardening as learning program. The students have been found to have calm mind, relaxed body & relieving of academic pressure arising out of hours of classroom sitting. After Gardening students perform upto best of their potential in academics & exams without pressure &stress.