Organic Nursery

UrbanSoil started teaching at Millennium School in Karvenagar. This led to a small nursery developed for Organic Forest Garden which was used by children who practiced Organic Food Gardening. Eventually it became more diverse Nursery which was opened to everyone to see & buy saplings of vegetables, medicinal plants, flowers & fruit saplings. These saplings are grown organically with compost produced in school premises. Also the bag used to grow the plants is recycled milk bags from canteen. The Organic Nursery has more than 200 plants available for sale as seeds, seedlings(vegetable saplings) & herb/fruit/flower saplings available for sale. The best part of this Nursery is it serves as a Ecospot in the heart of pune city where ideally one can visit with their family & kids. The ambience of School Campus will make you want to visit the Organic Nursery again & again due to fresh air, green surroundings, plants shopping along with compost bin, compost, grow bags & other gardening accessories to make your Gardening experience awesome in the center of Pune city.

Organic Nursery & Forest Garden(Visit Timings)

Weekdays – 5pm – 6pm
Weekends – 10am – 6pm